"Is this anything like that ACN scam I've heard about?"

"Is this anything like this ACN scam I've learned about?"

ACN scam

A prospect inquired about that question with regards to a month ago. I had never heard before of the ACN scam. Didn't Donald Trump endorse ACN?

Approximately that point, I must admit, I hadn't done much research on ACN. This talk of the ACN scam, however, made me curious.

After i discovered what are the facts really were, I wasn't overly surprised.

I started considering other ACN reviews online. Most of them, however, were written by undercover ACN distributors, so were mostly positive. This hadn't produce what I was looking for.

My next move was to call my multilevel marketing friends. I talked to current and former ACN members. I had been stunned at the fact that many people who used to be ACN distributors still use the products.

It appeared how the ACN scam was only a mix of rumors and conjecture.

ACN, or American Communications Network, Inc. was founded in 1992. They are a technology company, with everything from phone services to computer support, to home protection.

One very positive aspect I can see immediately with ACN will be the cost of their products. In comparison, some multilevel marketing companies price their products tremendous, especially if they're considered to be rare or specialized.

Not many people would be willing to pay extra, however, for phone or internet services whenever they can get almost the very same service for a lot less.

Donald Trump's endorsement gave them an enormous shot within the arm. People who wouldn't ordinarily consider joining work from home company have inked so for that reason alone.

Does this mean ACN is perfect for everybody?

It is critical to take into account that all the products ACN offers will be in extremely competitive markets. As I discussed earlier, this can be a good thing since it keeps the merchandise cost low, but is there some negatives as well?